Epson expands commercial photo production range with first scalable photo microlab

Epson is pleased to announce the commercial launch of the SureLab D7 Studio which was shown at Photokina, 16th-21st September. This scalable and flexible solution can be tailored to suit users’ needs, and used either on the shop floor as a self-service order terminal or – by adding the SureLab D700 printer – as a production microlab behind-the-counter.

Designed to create opportunity for imaging businesses and High Street retailers, the SureLab D7 Studio can produce premium quality prints, panoramics, folded displays and cards, on a wide range of media, including  paper-based matte, glossy and lustre media, and in a range of sizes (from 4inches up to A4 wide and from 3.5- 39 inches long). It also supports a wide range of inputs, such as memory cards, USB, CD/DVD, Bluetooth, Facebook and smartphones/tablets, making it quick and easy to reproduce designs and photos in a creative way, with first class results.

Duncan Ferguson, Director, Professional Graphics, Epson Europe, says: “The SureLab D7 Studio offers a tailored, scalable solution for photo bureaux, copyshops, retail businesses and on-site photographers who want to expand their business by offering products and services to drive new revenue streams, while further benefitting from low cost-per-print.”

The SureLab D7 Studio includes a self-service, touch screen order terminal and two printers.
A further three extensions can be added, increasing the number of printers linked to the terminal, up to a total of eight. These can be used simultaneously, all controlled through the order terminal with a 22-inch multi-touch screen.

Drawing from Epson’s success in professional photo printing, crisp and vivid image quality is assured by its proven Micro PiezoTM printhead technology and UltraChrome D6-S ink. The SureLab D7 Studio is low maintenance and has a long-lasting blade, which help to reduce downtime and save time and money.

The SureLab D7 Studio is available from today.


Basic microlab – order terminal and cabinet with two printers
Open system with a variety of output options including external labs
Up to three extension modules can be added to the microlab with up to six additional printers inside in total
Prints on paper-based matte media, as well as glossy and lustre
Produces 4,5,6 or 8 inch (10cm, 12.7cm, 15.2cm or 20.3cm) or A4 width prints using one printer
Prints lengths from 8.9cm (3.5 inches) up to 100cm (39 inches)
Print speed (for 4x6 inch prints) of 360 sheets/h
Produces a 20cmx30.5cm (8x12 inch) print in 30 seconds in high speed mode
Produces a 15cmx10cm (6x4 inch) print in eight seconds in high speed mode
Paper roll length of 65m
Long lifecycle minimal services required

Resolution 720dpi/1440dpi (Fast 720x360dpi; Standard 720x720dpi; High-quality 1440x720dpi)

UltraChrome D6-S ink with 200ml individual ink cartridges