Genesta-inkten verkrijgen ECO PASSPORT-certificering van OEKO-TEX®

Epson, een pionier in de digitale textieldruktechnologie, en haar dochterondernemingen FOR.TEX en F.lli Robustelli, hebben vandaag bekendgemaakt dat het volledige assortiment Genesta-inkten de ECO PASSPORT-certificering van OEKO-TEX® toegekend heeft gekregen. De op water gebaseerde inkten die door Epson in samenwerking met FOR.TEX zijn ontwikkeld, zorgen voor betrouwbaar, nauwkeurig en kleurrijk drukwerk van de hoogste kwaliteit op elk type textiel.

Lees hieronder het volledige Engelstalige persbericht.

Epson, a pioneer in digital textile printing technology, and its subsidiary companies FOR.TEX and F.lli Robustelli, announced today that its full range of Genesta inks - acid, reactive, disperse, pigment and sublimation-disperse - have achieved ECO PASSPORT certification from OEKO-TEX®. The water-based inks developed by Epson in collaboration with FOR.TEX allow reliable, precise and colourfast printing of the highest quality onto any fabric type.

To achieve ECO PASSPORT certification, Genesta inks had to pass two verification stages set by OEKO-TEX®. The first stage involved the screening of chemicals at the ingredient level against the OEKO-TEX® Restricted Substance list, and the second stage against the Manufacturing Restricted Substance list where analytical verification ensures that certified products can be used in the sustainable production of human and ecologically-friendly textiles.

Printing companies using certificated inks such as Genesta Inks can be confident that they will meet the chemical requirements of STANDARD100 by OEKO-TEX®.

“We are very proud to have received the ECO PASSPORT certification for all our Genesta, our top textile inks,” says Tomoaki Kuwata, General Manager, of Epson’s Strategic Planning Department. “It assures all Monna Lisa users around the world that Epson complies with the necessary environmental legislations and is the next step to promoting a new, sustainable printing methodology after the previous ECO PASSPORT achieved by the UltraChrome inks[1]”.

Genesta inks meet the highest quality standards of production reliability and printing fastness for all fibers. With acid, reactive, disperse, pigment and sublimation-disperse inks, the Genesta range covers a wide and perfectly balanced color space. Genesta inks are packed in one or three-litre thermo-sealed multilayer aluminum cartridges that are completely exhaustible and this is a guarantee of absolute reliability and minimal waste. Packaging is produced with the utmost care and the ink is totally degassed for a perfect printing performance.

The high reliability of the Genesta inks manufactured by Epson makes it possible to reduce the cleaning cycles of the printheads, and ink consumption is also dramatically reduced. Each cartridge has an identification chip to prevent accidental loading of the wrong ink.

ECO PASSPORT is a mechanism by which textile chemical suppliers demonstrate that their products can be used in sustainable textile production. It authenticates the safety of chemicals used during the production of textile dyes, pigments, inks and finishing agents. OEKO-TEX® is the first system proving the safety of textiles in Europe, and Nissenken is the exclusive certification authority in Japan. Certifications cover each stage of raw materials, product and company environment. The STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® product certification has a history of over 20 years, boasting over 160,000 issued certificates for millions of labelled textile products, and over 10.000 participating companies along the textile chain. The ECO PASSPORT is the more recent and updated protocol to certificate sustainable textile production.

[1] ECO PASSPORT has been achieved by UltraChrome DS ink for the SC-F60, SC-F62, SC-F70, SC-F71, SC-F72, and SC-F92 series' of SureColor dye-sublimation transfer printers, as well as for UltraChrome DG ink and auxiliary fabric preparation products for the SureColor SC-F2000 garment printer.


About For.Tex
For.Tex, located in Fino Mornasco (Como, Italy), is a company 100% owned by Epson Italia. Established in the Italian market as a trusted provider for dyes, thickeners and specialty for printing, For.Tex has established and consolidated its expansion to overseas markets with a particular focus on the Asian market with which it has established over the years a fruitful collaboration in particular with the most qualified Japanese companies producing dyes, specialty products for printing and specialty for the essential treatments agents of highly innovative content. In 2000, For.Tex was chosen by SEIKO EPSON CORPORATION as official partner in regard to ink development for the MONNA LISA® project and Genesta ink.
About F.lli Robustelli
F.lli Robustelli s.r.l, located in Villa Guardia (Como, Italy), is a company 100% owned by Epson Italia. Operating since the 1950s, F.lli Robustelli has always designed and produced photogravure and textile printing machinery and systems. Thanks to an ongoing relationship with its clients and the ability to blend textile and mechanical knowhow with new digital technologies, F.lli. Robustelli has developed partnerships across the world. Over 15 years ago, F.lli Robustelli developed an important partnership with SEIKO EPSON CORPORATION that resulted in the MONNA LISA® project. For this project, the company product engineered the first digital textile printing machine on Epson print technology resulting in a product that is known in the textile industry as the best digital textile printer in the world and making of F.lli Robustelli one of the major players in the digital textile printing revolution.

Over Epson
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