La réalité augmentée en vedette au Mobile World Congress 2014

En collaboration avec plusieurs grands éditeurs de logiciels, Epson dévoile le potentiel de la réalité augmentée et des lunettes intelligentes.

En collaboration avec plusieurs grands éditeurs de logiciels, Epson dévoile le potentiel de la réalité augmentée et des lunettes intelligentes

Vendredi 21 février, 2014 — Zaventem - 21 février 2014 – Voici quelques semaines, Epson présentait ses nouvelles lunettes intelligentes – Moverio BT-200 – à l'occasion du CES de Las Vegas. Au cours du Mobile World Congres (MWC) 2014 qui ouvre ses portes lundi à Barcelone, Epson va plus loin en démontrant le potentiel de ses verres intelligents et transparents, grâce à une collaboration avec plusieurs partenaires.

Même si l'entreprise est davantage connue pour ses imprimantes et ses projecteurs, Epson est l'une des premières à apporter sur le marché un système opérationnel de lunettes intelligentes, transparentes et mains libres. L'entreprise bénéficie ici de l'expertise technologique qu'elle a acquise pour devenir leader sur le marché des projecteurs. Le nouveau Moverio BT-200 rend possibles les applications de réalité augmentée tant pour un usage professionnel que privé et ouvre la porte à de nouvelles possibilités dans le domaine de la vente de biens, la réception d'informations, la formation du personnel, etc.

Durant le MWC 2014, plusieurs éditeurs de logiciels vont présenter des applications développées sur base de la technologie révolutionnaire Moverio. Les entreprises suivantes seront présentes à Barcelone: APX Labs, Information Service International Dentsu, Metaio, Scope AR, Wikitude et Wipro. Il ne s'agit là ne sont que de quelques-uns des acteurs ayant choisi la solution d'Epson pour faire découvrir la technologie de demain aux visiteurs.

L'Epson Moverio BT-200 sera disponible à partir de mai 2014 au prix recommandé de €699.

Pour plus d'information quant au Moverio BT-200, surfez sur: www.epson.eu/moverio

Voici plus d'informations quant aux partenaires software:

APX Labs, who will share a stand with SK Telecom (hall 3, stand J30), has been developing business applications for smart glasses for over three years. The software company has developed an application that integrates SK Telecom’s indoor positioning system into Epson’s smart glasses to detect a user’s presence at a number of different zones covered by Bluetooth beacons. At MWC, visitors will be able to try Moverio which will display interactive content on a self-guided tour around SK Telecom’s booth. 

Jay Kim, chief technology officer at APX Labs, commented: “Our Skylight smart glasses software platform can be readily applied towards any consumer or enterprise application, ranging from museums to manufacturing lines, where indoor positioning is the missing piece in delivering contextual content. Moverio is helping us take smart glasses applications to the next level, it’s an exciting time to be a software developer.”

Information Service International Dentsu (hall 8.1, stand I18), a leading Japan-based software developer, will present a new application that it has developed based on the popular Japanese Idol event. Making the most of Moverio’s technology, the company has created an AR theatre where users can perform to a virtual crowd.

Elsewhere, Metaio (hall 8.1, stand G47), a worldwide leader in AR research and technology, will be demonstrating how Moverio can be used for hands-free maintenance and service applications, both for the consumer and enterprise workers. Its unique application uses Epson’s technology to superimpose real-time instructions on objects and components to streamline training and information delivery.

Scope AR (hall 3, stand E10), a company that provides advanced AR training solutions, will be showcasing an application it has created to simplify unfamiliar tasks. Using the Moverio smart glasses, Scope AR's solution will provide visual and voice-driven guidance to demonstrate a dynamic walk-through for connecting a home entertainment system.

Wikitude (hall 8.1, stand B61), a pioneer in mobile AR technology, will be showcasing two exciting Moverio applications at MWC. Wikitude Planets is an immersive, educational experience that allows users, wearing Moverio smart glasses, to look into the sky and see the solar system with all the planets in motion. Additionally, the company will present an application that will show how AR can help businesses sell their products without having the actual product in stock.

Wipro Ltd. (hall 7, stand C21), a leading global information technology, consulting and outsourcing company, will be showcasing a WebRTC / RCS  based presence and communication solution enhanced with AR. The solution architecture integrates wearables for seamless AR experience, and will be showcased using Moverio’s unique technology.

Narayan Shenoy, general manager and practice head, product engineering services, Wipro, said: “Wipro has been involved in AR related technologies for a number of years with industry innovators such as Epson and our specific focus has been to work on transformational industrial use cases with the right platform for productizing some of these use cases”

Valerie Riffaud-Cangelosi, senior manager at Epson Europe, added: “We believe Moverio has the potential to offer much more than any tablet or smart device when it comes to AR. Technology has a history of changing the way businesses operate and we are excited about the opportunities our device can offer companies from a diverse range of sectors.

“At MWC, our technology partners will be showing some revolutionary applications that enable businesses to use AR to improve productivity and sales, while helping customers consume information faster and easier than ever before. We think it is the future of business and are looking forward to seeing how visitors to MWC respond to Moverio.”

Mobile World Congress takes place at Fira Gran Via in Barcelona, Spain, from 24-27 February 2014. For more information about Moverio BT-200, please visit